Programs + Workshops

The Fempowered Program

The FemPowered program is a way for females to become empowered  through cycle education. This coaching collective is designed for those who are seeking to find greater connection to their bodies while also connecting with a cohort of diverse individuals who are on the same journey. In this program, we will cover:

  • The basic, foundational information every cycling body should know about the menstrual cycle
  • All of the ways that hormones play a role in our lives, not just periods or pregnancy (e.g.mental health,  fitness, appetite, associations with other health issues)
  • The four main phases of the menstrual cycle: why they matter and how to navigate them
  • How to incorporate cycle awareness into work, partnership, or friend and family relationships
  • How cycle awareness can be used to tap into inner wisdom, make big decisions, and find true alignment and purpose

Each individual in the Fempowered Program has a different “why” – whether that is coming off birth control, managing hormonal imbalances, struggling to navigate the medical system, preparing to conceive, or simply feeling deserving of this understanding that we were never given otherwise. Yet, all women who feel this program resonates with them share a commitment seeking greater awareness, connection, meaning, and personal growth. If you are looking for a community of like-minded women who share this intention and want to support one another, please apply using the link below.

1-on-1 Sessions

One on one coaching provides an opportunity for in depth support to learn how to live in sync with your hormones and embrace the power of cyclical awareness. This personalized option is right for women who are ready to dig in and start working in stride with their body rather than against it to achieve a deeper level of self-connection. Personalized, individual sessions create a space to cultivate awareness and understanding that is specific to your unique rhythms and goals. By focusing on the elements of this work that are most relevant to your circumstances, behaviors, and preferences – we can develop strategies and frameworks that are tailored to you and best position you for success.

Coaching with me is a good fit if you are ready to become:

  • Empowered by your hormones, rather than surprised by or controlled by them
  • Connected to your body and able to understand the wisdom it provides through physical signals
  • Capable of setting priorities, goals, and boundaries to genuinely put yourself first so you can show up better for yourself, your loved ones, community
  • Deeply in tune with your own inner truth and able to move past the external noise to find your authentic path and purpose

If this resonates with you, please book a discovery call so we can connect and determine if working together would be a good fit. 

This program is not a fit for those who are looking for medical advice, dietary advice, supplement protocols, or silver-bullet solutions. Rather, it provides perspectives, frameworks, and strategies at a high level that can be applied to navigating one’s individual health journey.


If you are looking to share this type of information with a large group of individuals, I offer menstrual cycle education workshops for both in-person and virtual events. My previous events span across a diverse network of businesses – from wellness studios and cafes to coworking/corporate talks. A sample video can be provided upon request.

Outside of my coaching practice, I work with companies to produce evidence-based content and/or conduct scientific research across a span of women’s health topics. My clients include Evvy, Hertility Health, Inne, Food.Period, The Helm, and more. If you would like to connect regarding a speaking, writing, or research opportunity, please do so here.


“I came to Dana after receiving a diagnosis for a hormonal issue in hopes of learning more about it. However, working with her provided me with far more. I feel like I now have a totally new perspective on my body!”

– Tori

“I was initially skeptical about cycle syncing, but now could never imagine my life without it. Gaining this knowledge has completely changed my self image, productivity, relationships, and more”

– Claire

“After working with Dana, I genuinely feel like my cycle is a superpower.”

– Jordan

“Participating in one of Dana’s workshops transformed the way I think about being a woman. I can’t believe that I didn’t have this information sooner, but I am so thankful for it now”

– Emily