About Me

Professional Bio

Dana is dedicated to transforming lives through female-specific research and technology and utilizes her scientific and business backgrounds to advance innovation in this area. After graduating cum laude from Vanderbilt University with degrees in gender studies and human development, Dana worked for mission-driven startups in New York and Cape Town. Recognizing the urgent need for female-specific health solutions, she then completed a research degree in Women’s Health at the University College of London where she focused on menstrual health and reproductive health disorders such as PCOS and Endometriosis. She graduated with distinction and as valedictorian.

During this time, Dana worked with the primary scientists at the forefront of elite athletes training to their periods. She conducted an analysis of the largest study of active women – in collaboration with STRAVA – to assess the relationship between menstrual symptoms and lifestyle factors such as exercise, sleep, and diet.

Now, Dana operates within the FemTech industry, conducting scientific research and translating these findings to educational content and internal strategic development for a wide range of companies across the sector. Examples include Hertility Health (at-home hormone testing), inne (ovulation tracking tech) and Evvy (vaginal microbiome). Dana aims to collaborate with companies in the FemTech space to provide evidence-based science to close the gender gaps in healthcare.

My Story

l’ve always found knowing someone’s background to be an important factor in working together – so if you are like me, I wanted to put this together for you. 

My passion for menstrual health and cyclical living began while searching for a diagnosis for debilitating health issues in my early twenties. In navigating the medical system, I first encountered the gender bias that many women face. I learned the hard way that my biggest disadvantage in this biased system was a lack of basic understanding about my own body. I decided to learn everything I could about female health and hormones, and was able to teach myself back to good health through solutions in female-focused science.

After finally diagnosing and recovering from my TBI-induced vestibular disorder (which not only wrecked havoc on my hormones, but was misdiagnosed for 4 years due to presenting differently in men and women) I resolved to focus the rest of my career on closing this gender gap in medical care. Specifically, I decided to get involved in the new frontier of female-specific health research (described above).

However, more than the scientific content, it was the application of this science into mindfulness practices that really transformed my perspective and my life. I started my health journey as a relentlessly busy, workaholic social butterfly, who bounced from early morning workout classes to 12 hour work days to late night drinks with friends without stop (or consideration for how it was affecting me). I ended it as someone with clear goals, strong boundaries, deep confidence, healthy body image, and a true sense of self-assurance and direction. Even more, my go-go-go mentality was replaced with a more peaceful, grounded way of moving through the world. 

Recognizing the power in this transformation, I now aim to create a path for more women to have this education and learn the strategies and practices I’ve built around this information. I hope you find this within The FemGuide.