The FemGuide

by Dana Alloy

The FemGuide platform empowers individuals with knowledge about the female body and strategies for stepping into one’s feminine power. By utilizing tools to live cyclically, we can deeply connect with our highest selves and the world around us.

Programs + Workshops

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The Fempowered


An educational program for a community of like-minded women to learn how to live in sync with the menstrual cycle

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Personalized coaching to understand your hormones, connect with your cycle, and enhance your relationship with yourself

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+ Writing

Educational sessions and/or written content that provides foundational information about women’s health and hormones 


I’m Dana

The Founder of The FemGuide

I am an educator, writer, and scientific researcher in the women’s health space on a mission to share information about the menstrual cycle and women’s health at large. 

My greatest passion is connecting with women to educate about the power of living in sync with your cycle. I’ve spent the last few years advising cycling women on how to shift their perspective about the female body to work in alignment with it rather than push through or work against it.

Time and time again, I’ve seen how transformative this can be: not only for one’s physical health, but in cultivating an entirely new outlook and a deep sense of self.  Individuals who are empowered with this knowledge develop a sense of alignment and self-assurance beyond what they thought possible. 

Guiding people with periods through this transformation is my greatest joy and the most inspiring work that I do. I created The FemGuide platform to make this information accessible to all who feel called to connect with their cycle. I hope that these teachings and resources can assist in your path to understanding the power and magic of living in a female body.

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The FemGuide Newsletter

My monthly musings on the latest science, startups, and social movements related to female health

Issue 4

The vaginal microbiome, appetite across the cycle, and hormonal components of mental health

Issue 3

Vaccines + periods, the importance of female data collection, and renegotiating physical boundaries in the post-pandemic era

Issue 2

Unpacking ovulation, the race to fertility tracking, and why Freud is the f***ing worst (a short film)

Issue 1

Advancements in female biology, technology, and empowerment

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